On a Mission to Change Kidney Care

We are empowering nephrologists to work together to create an improved kidney care experience for people living with chronic kidney disease. As a team we are addressing the barriers to care transformation including:

Disparate EHRs for CKD and ESRD patients

Lack of information regarding transplant status and process

Difficulty in accurately documenting patients’ CKD and ESRD status in real-time

Difficulty in predicting and tracking which patients will develop ESRD

Insufficient resources and tools to target and de-risk readmission

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“One of the things that elevates Evergreen Nephrology, is the concept of putting nephrologists at the center of the mission to transform kidney care. The EPLC was created with this very purpose in mind. Serving as the President of the EPLC has offered me wonderful opportunities to work closely with other physician leaders from elite nephrology practices across the country.

Along with the Evergreen Leadership Team, the EPLC committees are making critical decisions which will lead to success for our patients, our practices, and the Evergreen mission as a whole. This work is important, but the relationships are invaluable; and through this community we encourage and inspire one another as we work toward a unified purpose.”

Dr. Jeff Glaze, MD Nephrology, PC and President of the EPLC

“The EPLC is the kept promise to allow doctors to be the decision makers for direct patient care, engagement, and outcomes. This keeps the doctor-patient relationship at the center of our vision.”

Dr. Ashish Soni, MD, Nephrology Associates of Nashville and Vice President of the EPLC

“Evergreen Nephrology believes that by empowering nephrologists we can improve kidney care in the United States. The Evergreen Physicians Leadership Council is doing just that. This group allows us to use our combined clinical, financial, and administrative expertise to further our mission to change the lives for those living with chronic kidney disease.”

Stanley Crittenden, MD and CMO of Evergreen Nephrology